7 Tips on How To Choose The Best Personal Trainer In Singapore

Choosing the best personal trainer in Singapore is as vital as the training itself.

The first thing you want to do is have a checklist of the traits you want to see in your trainer. Do not panic yet! We will help you create that list.

In this article, we will cover some tips on how to choose the right personal trainer for you in Singapore. These tips are somewhat general-themed, so if you have any particular wishes or preferences, you could add them to your checklist.

Here are seven tips to choose a Personal Fitness Trainer:

1.     Initial guidance and honesty

This is very important if you are a beginner.

Look for a personal trainer who is ready to guide you towards choosing the right fitness goals for you.

Additionally, your personal trainer should be able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses to come up with the most efficient workout plan for you.

It is also important to find a personal trainer who is not afraid to tell you the truth. If you have irrational expectations or you over/underestimate some of your physical features, your trainer should have no problem telling you the truth. This is so that you can achieve your fitness goals in a healthy way.

Honesty is a crucial trait to look for in a personal trainer, and it should be one of the priorities on your checklist.

2.     Location and scheduling

You decided to start working out, and you’re thinking of hiring a personal trainer.

You’re all excited to start this journey. Everything is just perfect. However, you still have a job, a family to look after, and other commitments that you might have in other areas of your life.

Now, you need to find the best time and location to meet with your personal trainer and schedule your sessions. You have to ask yourself if you prefer a personal trainer to come to you to train (home personal trainer Singapore) or you would prefer to travel to a gym and have the training session there.

It is never a good idea to compromise and choose a time or location that doesn’t meet your needs. If that happens, you’ll start worrying about going to the training session every time, and that’s not a healthy attitude to remain motivated.

Therefore, it is crucial to find a trainer who works with you based on your schedule and the agreed location that both agreed to have the session at.

Nevertheless, if you cannot find a middle ground with your personal trainer sg , and you have access to a home or clubhouse gym at your apartment/condominium or you live in a landed property, consider hiring a home personal trainer in Singapore, as they could offer you the same health benefits as conventional trainers at the comfort of your home.

3.     Constant moderation

Aligned with the previous tips, looking for a trainer who is willing to keep you in check is extremely important to achieve your goals.

Our human nature pushes us to work harder if there is someone supervising us, which is why it’s essential to find a personal trainer.

In your quest to find a personal trainer in Singapore, it is important to keep in mind that he/she may be a little strict with you when it comes to exercise and diet; therefore, instead of seeing this as a negative point and trying to find a trainer who will let you do whatever you want, look at the full half of the glass!

Working with a strict personal trainer who lets you know when you mess up is a huge opportunity to make the best out of each training session and get the body of your dreams.

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4.     Regular motivation

In a classic personal training study in 2003, researchers recruited 129 participants in a 10-week personal training program to evaluate the effectiveness of working with a personal trainer.

At the end of the study, they concluded that “The results suggest that one-on-one personal training is an effective method for changing attitudes and thereby increasing the amount of physical activity. Secondly, it seems that using problem-solving techniques is of value for successful behavior change.”

As you can extract from this quote, personal training is essential to change your bad habits and improve your exercise attitude.

Personal trainers who are lively and keep you motivated during all training sessions are the best type of trainers, and you should always keep this trait in mind when choosing one.

5.     Good communication

Staying in touch with your personal trainer is indispensable throughout your training journey.

For this reason, you should choose a trainer with decent communication skills who would listen to your concerns or insecurities and try to advise or implement exercises accordingly.

Deciding when and how to communicate with your trainer is entirely up to you.

6.     Fitness specialty

It could be overwhelming at first, but not all personal trainers specialize in the same field.

Depending on your fitness goals, you should choose the specialty of your personal trainer in Singapore accordingly.

For instance, if you are thinking about competing on a professional level, there are sports-certified personal trainers who specialize in prepping athletes for upcoming competitions.

Another category of Personal trainers specialises in injury prevention in people who suffer from recurrent injuries.

On the other hand, regular fitness trainers work with clients to improve their body shape and physique.

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The point is:

There is a personal trainer for every one of us out there; we just need to choose the right one who fits our personal needs.

7.     Cost

Before you go trainer-hunting, set the budget that you could afford for a personal trainer.

It would be really frustrating to find a trainer with all the traits you seek, to be finally bumped down by their hourly rates.

Once your budget is set, start looking for a trainer who fits your needs.

Choosing the best personal trainer in Singapore is essential to ensure that you will reap the most out of each training session.

We hope that this article managed to highlight the primary criteria to take into account when choosing a fitness trainer in Singapore.

If you have any questions, concerns, or an experience with a personal fitness trainer in Singapore, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

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