What necessary stuff do I need for my coaching session?2021-02-07T01:40:53+08:00

No need to purchase any fancy or additional stuff, you just require to wear comfortable sports attire and bring a towel and a bottle of water.

Am I too old for this?2021-02-07T01:39:35+08:00

You are never too old to get moving! We have trained clients from 16 years to 87 years old. As we get older, our metabolism naturally slows down and maintaining a healthy body can become a serious challenge. But we design special workouts for an older aged person which includes lower impact strength exercises. No matter what your age is, one can easily adapt to these special exercises and increases one metabolism to build muscle mass.

How often should I exercise in a week?2021-02-07T01:30:45+08:00

A professional advice is necessary to prevent any injury issues especially when you’re lifting the heavy-weights. Normally, we recommend our clients to start with 3-sessions a week. But by following our customized workout plans, a client can progress to even 4-5 sessions a week, in a very short duration.

Will exercising with weights make me bulky?2021-02-07T01:29:46+08:00

No, it is a common misconception about heavy-weight lifting, especially among females, that exercising with weights lead to a bulky posture. But, in reality, only the hardcore training and heavy-weight lifting will make you bulky.

Can only exercising (without dieting) give me good results?2021-02-07T01:27:52+08:00

Diets can be a temporary fix but in order to succeed in the long run, you’ve to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle consists of a healthy diet combined with adequate exercise. And by adopting this lifestyle you can achieve the results much faster as compared to either diet or exercise alone. Also, it will keep you from putting on weight excessively.

How long does it take for the results to be visible?2021-02-07T01:24:00+08:00

You’ve to wait for approximately 8-12 weeks before you start seeing the visible results in your body. But, these results largely depend on the intensity of your workout and what your primary fitness goals are. Also, the result varies from person to person and what matters the most is an increase in your energy, endurance level, overall health, and in turn resulting in a trimmer waistline.

How will my trainer assess which program is right for me?2021-02-07T01:02:39+08:00

Our personal trainers will conduct a one-on-one free personal training session prior to the training sessions to better understand your goals and match the right exercise program specifically for you. You’ll have to answer a few important questions related to your fitness goals and past medical/fitness history to help them figure out which set of exercises will better suit your body. One of our main goals is to ensure our client’s satisfaction, our programs and customised according to individual’s need.

Will it hurt?2021-02-07T00:57:22+08:00

It is a natural process that whenever your muscles did more work than they used to, you’ll feel a little tender. But since we believe in ‘no pain no gain’ therefore our personal trainers will advise you with smart tips to avoid this discomfort as much as possible.

Our fitness sessions start with the most-easiest and light exercises with an emphasis on building your stamina. Every next session gets a bit difficult but your body will start adapting it and resulting in more results and less pain.

It’s far more expensive than joining gym, right?2022-10-27T22:45:26+08:00

These personal training sessions may sound expensive to you but indeed it is a long-term investment as you’ll learn how to maintain a healthy body without joining a gym. That means, you no longer need to pay gym membership fees to get the job done.

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