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    Shaik is my trainer and he has been fantastic. He understands my limits and capabilities and designs our sessions to be interesting and varied with the goal to help me lose weight, increase my flexibility and improve my diet and sleep. My wife was so happy with the change in me that she has also just joined the gym with him as her trainer!

    esperer fitness reviews personal trainer singapore

    Until a couple of years ago, I had difficulty balancing fitness with a busy life. Today, I managed to overcome this conditioned mindset with the help of a caring and professional physical instructor – Shaik. His structured and systematic approach helps me to realize my training goals progressively. He also went the extra mile to provide therapeutic treatment for my frozen shoulder for a few months at the initial stage, which largely helped me to recover in full later.

    His great passion for physical training profession and goal-oriented personalized training not only motivated me to train myself better, but also transformed me in a way to engage myself independently more in physical activities. Currently, I am continuing my third training package with him, as I believe that I am in the good and reliable hands of this passionate and promising instructor.

    Subramaniam Nadaison
    personal trainer for weight loss singapore

    I’m very grateful for my personal trainer who trained, encouraged and checked on me constantly that had led me to achieve my goal of losing 10kg in exactly 3 months!

    Without your guidance, my dream of losing the weight would not have been possible!

    before after photo esperer fitness review

    I’ve lost 8kg in 3 months! I see results very quickly upon training with my personal trainer. I was having body aches and pains and as soon as I attended the sessions and implemented the exercises that were recommended by my trainer, I felt immense relief from the pain I was consumed by. A push from a personal trainer was what I needed to kickstart my fitness journey which guided me to not only loose weight but I also feel lighter, stronger and healthier.

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    I glad that I took action by signing up a package. It has definitely paid off. It was not only about exercising, it was also about incorporating proper dieting which was planned out for me by my personal trainer which was not hard to follow. It was a holistic weight loss program that has contributed to the success of my weight loss program journey!

    a before and after photo esperer fitness review

    It was the best descision to sign up for a personal training package prior to my wedding. I wanted to lose weight quickly and I managed to achieve that! I lost 8kg in 2 months. I will definitely recommend anyone who wishes to lose weight fast in Singapore to sign up for a package and you will be amazed at the results. I still maintain what I have learnt and benefitted from the sessions after my wedding and have implemented them in my daily life. No regrets!

    before and after photo esperer fitness review

    I was not only looking for a training session to tone up and lose weight, I was also looking for a routine that will work around my work hours to have a balance between both work and exercise. I would say that I found what I was looking for, I have formed a great routine in balancing both. This is because my personal trainer worked around my schedule and I am really pleased to be able to maximise my time this way. Signing up for a personal trainer has helped me gain more mental clarity, stamina and I feel great losing weight too!


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