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Weight Loss For Women

Shed those extra pounds and trim the waist for a sexier you!

Weight Loss Program Singapore

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Our Personal Trainers specialise in Women Weight Loss Program in Singapore with guaranteed results. Always dream of having the figure you always wanted? We can help you achieve your goals and have helped hundreds of women achieve theirs. Reach out to us to make it a reality!

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Fat loss for men

Turn flab into fabulously toned muscles and keep that potbelly away for good.

Weight Loss for Men Singapore

Men Weight Loss Singapore

Our Men Weight Loss Personal Trainer SG will implement fat loss techniques for you which maximises your weight loss in the shortest period of time with minimal effort. Coupled with the best and nutritious diet plans making it easy and effective to implement.

bulking up for men personal training singapore

Bulking up for men

Pack on muscle mass quickly and boost your confidence.

Look good & Feel Strong

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Muscle Building in Singapore is made possible with habits, discipline, and rigor implemented. Our Personal Trainers SG will seek to understand your bodybuilding goals and will implement workouts that will help to achieve your goals.

Pre- and post-partum

Support your pregnancy physically & emotionally, and quickly lose weight after birth.

Lose weight safely & quickly after giving birth

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Want to get your body back after giving birth but unsure where and how to start? Your body went through many changes during pregnancy and a pre-post natal personal trainer can help you get back the body close to pre-pregnancy. Contact us to find out how.

Pre-wedding weight loss

Get an ideal body to look like a bride straight out of a fashion magazine.

Feel great on your wedding day

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Want to wow your guests at your wedding with your beautiful wedding gown or suit? If you are wondering how and where to start on your pre-wedding personal training journey, let us guide you to trim that waist fast while counting down to your big day.

elderly senior citizen personal training singapore

Special Population

Recuperate from injuries with the right techniques, exercises, and equipment.

Take control of your health!

teenager personal training in singapore

Personal training in SG for the injured, seniors or teenagers, etc. Get in touch with us to find out how you can benefit from our service.


We are a fitness company with passionate Personal Fitness Trainer In Singapore wanting to instill hope in our clients that they can achieve what they have set their mind to do. We care deeply for our clients and seek to bring out the best in them.

Our Personal Trainer will be there in every step of the way to help clients achieve the positive bodily and health changes that our clients wish to see in their life.

Welcoming everyone from all walks of life, shapes and sizes, our core value is to instill hope in our clients that they can achieve their fitness goals without feeling judged or afraid. We felt that sometimes people get intimidated with STARTING and approaching a trainer for help as it may seem daunting to some (eg: people who may be out of shape) which results in them losing hope.

At Flex Fitness, our Personal Trainer sg welcome our clients for taking the first step towards progress no matter which stage they are at and we are ecstatic to support them in their journey.

Having only the Best Personal Trainers, we pride in our track records in providing results to our clients that we have worked with in the past and will continue for our future clients.

To produce consistent results to clients in achieving their fitness goals enthusiastically.

To be the leading fitness centre in Singapore for anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing.

Don’t Take Our Word For It. See What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t Take Our Word For It. See What Our Clients Are Saying

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Shaik is my trainer and he has been fantastic. He understands my limits and capabilities and designs our sessions to be interesting and varied with the goal to help me lose weight, increase my flexibility and improve my diet and sleep. My wife was so happy with the change in me that she has also just joined the gym with him as her trainer!

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Until a couple of years ago, I had difficulty balancing fitness with a busy life. Today, I managed to overcome this conditioned mindset with the help of a caring and professional physical instructor – Shaik. His structured and systematic approach helps me to realize my training goals progressively. He also went the extra mile to provide therapeutic treatment for my frozen shoulder for a few months at the initial stage, which largely helped me to recover in full later.

His great passion for physical training profession and goal-oriented personalized training not only motivated me to train myself better, but also transformed me in a way to engage myself independently more in physical activities. Currently, I am continuing my third training package with him, as I believe that I am in the good and reliable hands of this passionate and promising instructor.

Subramaniam Nadaison
personal trainer for weight loss singapore

I’m very grateful for my personal trainer who trained, encouraged and checked on me constantly that had led me to achieve my goal of losing 10kg in exactly 3 months!

Without your guidance, my dream of losing the weight would not have been possible!

IMG 20200221 WA0012

I glad that I took action by signing up a package. It has definitely paid off. It was not only about exercising, it was also about incorporating proper dieting which was planned out for me by my personal trainer which was not hard to follow. It was a holistic weight loss program that has contributed to the success of my weight loss program journey!


Our Proven Process Produces Results


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We evaluate your body shape, dietary habits, body fat percentage, vital statistics, trouble zones, and medical history.


Based on your lifestyle, preferences, and bio measurements, our personal trainer designs a customised diet plan for you.


We create a personalised workout plan based on your fitness level, bio measurements, and other factors.


You start exercising under the supervision of our expert personal trainer sg. Experience our service quality and accomplish your goals in the shortest time possible.


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• Evaluation of your body shape, dietary habits, vital statistics, trouble zones, and medical history.
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